Our Vision

To be a catalyst for change that helps individuals and organizations tap into their potential for innovation and inspire meaningful and purposeful action. Working from the ground and across sectors, we see solutions in collaboration where community is an equal partner in co-imagination, discovery and delivery of activities, with everyone sharing what is and isn’t working, and can work better.

Co-developing Pathways

The way to really make it happen, to push boundaries, join the dots, help develop the strong, sometimes nascent role for communities and enablers to deliver solutions together through a renewed partnership with nature and each other. Active green citizens making policies and collaborations work, calling out and correcting solutions that don’t.

Partnering with Pioneers

Nature needs us, we need each other, and without people with vision and tenacity coming together in their neighbourhood, with the volunteers and workers that make it a reality on outdoor sites across the country, we couldn’t ‘get our act together’. We support and celebrate them, cheer on new pioneers we encounter, ensure that everyone can participate, and encourage investment in their work.

Producing Projects

Where it makes sense to tackle issues, harness opportunities and accelerate participation, action and change through partnering with communities and nature. We developed and deliver www.getgrowingscotland.org with the help of our partners on the ground and the Scottish Government. Helping people and places to connect to the food system and nature and learn from each other through grassroots inspiration and the help@getgrowingscotland.org advisory service. This works.

Investing in ourselves

Being brave enough to be naïve, not to take the easy route, to get your hands dirty, to make mistakes and change direction. Ensuring communities and people are part of the big nature and climate solutions, not detached from far-off new forests with trees that will take a generation or more to prove their worth in the carbon offset world.

GrowGreen Scotland

Sharing insights, helping to generate new pathways and frameworks. Contact us if you want to connect to our network, share your experience and invest in solutions.